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Mopit 2.0 Floor Scrubber REFURBISHED

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The first Mopit 2 was built in 2007.  The Mopit 2 replaced the Mopit 1.  


The Mopit 2.0 is our largest Mopit, designed to make cleaning commercial and industrial floors simple and hassle-free. The Mopit™ floor scrubber is a revolutionary new machine that makes the mop and bucket obsolete. The Mopit™ floor scrubber is faster, easier, and less expensive than the traditional mop and bucket. It cleans more effectively and works on vinyl tile, ceramic tile, cement and many other floor materials. This mopping wonder scrubs and cleans the average size convenience store in 10 minutes and leaves the floor dry! It's easy on your back, cordless and portable. It's perfect for spot mopping sticky spills or scrubbing an entire floor. The Mopit 2.0 Floor Scrubber is an innovative, state-of-the-art floor cleaner and scrubber that is designed to clean industrial and commercial floors. Easy to use and, best of all, easy on your back, it's much lighter than most commercial floor scrubbers, portable and cordless, so there are no tangled cords or worries about electrical outlets. The Mopit 2.0 renders the traditional mop and bucket obsolete — it's simpler, faster and much more affordable than other commercial cleaners. Its powerful scrubbing action works on virtually all hard floors, including ceramic and vinyl tile, cement and many other floor surfaces. The Mopit 2.0 can clean an average size convenience store in under 10 minutes, and best of all, it leaves the floor completely dry so there is no worry of slipping. It can also be used for quick spot mopping on sticky spills. The Mopit is cordless and runs on battery-power and comes with an on-board charger. When you are finished cleaning with the Mopit 2.0, you simply plug it into an electrical outlet until it's time to use it again.

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    • 90 Day warranty, including parts and labor!



    • 15 day money back guarantee


Most of our refurbished mopit machines come from lease customers who have upgraded to newer Mopit models.

The Mopit 2.0 is our largest Mopit, designed to make cleaning commercial and industrial floors simple and hassle-free.

 This Mopit comes with Small Lead Acid Batteries. If you would like a refurbished Mopit 2.0 with larger batteries call us for pricing 1-800-290-2833.

Brush Size: 18 Inch
Fresh Water Tank: 6.5 gal
Squeegee Lift: Optional
Available for lease: No
Purchase Options: refurb/new
Turning radius: 0 radius
Water Level Guage: No
Adjustable Handle Bar: Yes
Dimensions: 42"H 26"L 24.5"W
Battery Sizes: small, medium, large (Gel Cell Lead Acid), 
Machine Weight With:
Small batteries 132 lbs
Medium batteries 162 lbs
Large batteries 186 lbs

Our extensive refurbishing process includes:
-Cleaning and disinfecting the recovery tank
-Replacing the bearings and brush if needed
-Battery load test
-Battery run test
-Battery charger test
-All of the latest Mopit updates are installed (Brush guard, drip tray cover, V-ring bearing seals, squeegee lift,) etc.
-Mopit plastic tanks cleaned to look like new
-The squeegee and squeegee wheels are replaced
-The machine is then filled with water and thoroughly tested
-When finished our refurbished Mopit 2.0’s run like new, and look almost like new

Included with the Mopit: 1/2 gallon of Mopit cleaning solution, Owners manual, Spare squeegee blade kit,  *Full 60 day parts and labor warranty