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Mopit 3.0 Refurbished Floor Scrubber

$1,147.00 $1,197.00 saving $50.00
Mopit 3.0 Refurbished Floor Scrubber

Mopit 3.0 Refurbished Floor Scrubber

$1,147.00 $1,197.00 saving $50.00

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90 day warranty, including parts and labor.

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  • Brush Size: 15 Inch
  • Fresh Water Tank: 5 gal
  • Squeegee Lift: Standard
  • Available for Lease: No
  • Purchase Options: Refurbished
  • Turning Radius: 0 radius
  • Water Level Guage: Yes
  • Adjustable Handle Bar: Yes
  • Dimensions: 38"H 23"L 21.5"W
  • Battery Sizes: Small AGM
  • Weight With Lead Acid Batteries: 124 lbs

Introducing the Mopit 3.0. Spectrum has taken the best of the Mopit 1.0 and 2.0 and created the powerful, sleek Mopit 3.0. The Mopit 3.0 has a 5 gallon fresh water tank, zero turning radius, and many battery options, all in an attractive, compact package. If you like the previous versions of the Mopit, then the Mopit 3.0 will definitely be a new favorite. The Mopit 3 has many improvements over previous models. Here are some of the most notable ones: Mopit 3 uses a slightly stiffer brush. The Mopit 3 uses a drip tube to apply the cleaning solution to the floor. The drip tube is more precise, so the Mopit 3 leaves less water when you turn sharply. The drip tube is also more trouble free. Cleaning path on the Mopit 3 is 3 inches less making this machine easier to maneuver. It will also get into tighter spaces. This machine is specifically designed for the restaurant/convenience store size. It can clean up to 10,000 square feet per hour. The machine quickly and easily splits into two pieces for easy shipping in case a new part is needed.

Mopit 3 Demo Video

Mopit 3 Training Video 

    Our extensive refurbishing process includes:

    • Cleaning and disinfecting the recovery tank.
    • Replacing the bearings and brush.
    • Performing a load test on the batteries.
    • All of the latest Mopit updates are installed (Drip tube, Squeegee Lift, Bearing seals, etc)
    • Mopit plastic tanks cleaned and flamed.
    • The squeegee and squeegee wheels are replaced.
    • The machine is then filled with water and thoroughly tested.
    When finished our refurbished Mopit 3.0’s run like new, and look great.
    Included with the Mopit: 1/2 gallon bottle of Mopit cleaning solution, owners manual w/ training DVD, 1 spare squeegee blade kit.

    *Full 90 day parts and labor warranty. *Shipping free to any commercial address within the continental USA.


    Expedited shipping is not available on the Mopit 3 even though it may show as an option in checkout.  All Mopit 3's are shipped by freight and come fully assembled on a pallet.