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Scrub n' Vac Cleaning Accessory

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With the Mopit and the Scrub n' Vac cleaning accessory you can kiss your mop and bucket good by. Use the Mopit to clean your open floor space and the Scrub n' Vac to clean the areas the Mopit can't reach like under tables and in restrooms. The Scrub n' Vac consists of an aluminum cleaning wand, 10 ft of hose, pump prayer, and the squeegee/brush Scrub n' Vac cleaning tool. To use the Scrub n' Vac simply fill the pump sprayer with soap and water, attach the hose to the Mopit, spray the floor that you will be cleaning and use the Scrub n' Vac tool to scrub the floor and suck up the dirt and water leaving the floor dry. Each component of the Scrub n' Vac is excellent quality and will provide you with many years of trouble-free use.

The Scrub n' Vac is only compatible with the Mopit 4, 4.5, 5, mini, Mid, MAX.

The Scrub n' Vac includes:

  • Pump sprayer
  • 10 ft of reinforced vacuum hose
  • Aluminum cleaning wand
  • Scrub n' Vac brush / squeegee cleaning tool

Watch the Scrub n' Vac demo here:

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