The Best Floor Scrubbers

Introducing the Mopit, a cordless floor scrubber machine that makes maintaining commercial, retail, and large floors a breeze! Walk behind the machine on a dry, clean floor, thanks to our advanced scrub technology that washes and scrubs the floor, then vacuums the dirty water.

Quality You Can Trust

The Mopit autoscrubber is dependable, easy to use and store, and is faster than a mop and bucket (it's even less expensive in the long term!). It cleans effectively on vinyl tile, ceramic tile, cement and many other floor materials. The Mopit will cost you far less to own than competing machines. Parts and supplies are higher quality and less expensive.

Get The Perfect Tool In The Perfect Size

Make sure to get the right size machine for the job. Click here to view the Mopit Spec Sheet Comparison.

Why Choose Mopit?

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