Mopit Floor Scrubbers

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The New Way to Clean Floors

The Mopit cleans the average size convenience store in 10 minutes and leaves the floor dry! It's easy on your back, cordless and portable. It's perfect for spot mopping sticky spills or scrubbing an entire floor.

Unlike standard mops that reuse dirty water and spread the dirt around on the floor, the Mopit floor scrubber never uses the same water twice. It delivers the cleaning solution on demand, with a gravity fed water delivery system. The controls are conveniently placed on the dash board.  It has two solution tanks to keep clean and dirty water separate just like the auto scrubbers found in big box stores, so dirty water never gets to the floor.

Finally there is a lithium automatic floor scrubber for around $3000 dollars designed for small applications. It's no longer too expensive to have a small auto scrubber. It's very light at about 100 lbs. If you would prefer to lease the Mopit Floor Scrubber, we have leasing options offering full service and chemical supplies. For leasing information, see our lease information page.  Once you start using the Mopit you'll never want to go back to swinging your old mop again. Try the Mopit Floor Scrubber and experience enjoyable floor care!

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Reviews and Testimonials

Can it really clean that?

See how the Mopit works while it picks up soda pop, and other sticky things off the floor.

Mopit vs. Other Auto Scrubbers

The Mopit isn't just less expensive than its competition, it costs less to own and repair. Take a look at this chart showing a cost breakdown of the Mopit Mid, I-Mop, and Tennant T1 Floor scrubbers by clicking here.