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Mopit MAX Floor Scrubber Lease ($499/1st month, then $199/month thereafter) Sign-up by filling out the lease agreement form.


Sign up for a new Mopit MAX lease by filling out the Mopit MAX lease agreement form.  If you fill out this form there is no need to do a checkout in the shopping cart on the website.  We will bill you directly. 

How the Mopit lease program works:

  1. Fill out the Mopit lease agreement and credit card authorization form HERE.
  2. Once you fill this form out we will be automatically notified.  
  3. Your machine will typically ship out within 1 business day.
  4. The first month is $499+ shipping and handling.  Every month after that you will be charged $199.  We will charge your card for the initial amount of $499+ shipping.  We don't lock you into a term on your lease, which means that you can cancel at anytime.  
  5. Included with the lease is a new Mopit MAX rental which also includes unlimited mopit chemical, parts as needed, and service.  The only thing you would be responsible for besides the monthly charge is the shipping and handling cost on parts and supplies.  
  6. We will work directly with you to handle your lease account and ship supplies, and parts when needed.  Our phone number is (800) 290-2833  


About the Mopit lease:

Spectrum Industrial Products has offered leasing for floor burnishers and auto scrubbers for over 40 years. We are pleased to offer our Spectralease leasing program on our new Mopit MAX Floor Scrubber. Our lease includes a new Mopit MAX machine, cleaning solution, parts, and over-the-phone tech support. Our lease is month-to-month, so our customers are never locked into a long-term contract. The Lessee is responsible for shipping and handling on cleaning solution, parts, and machine.

The first month lease payment is $499+ shipping and handling to get the new Mopit MAX machine to you. The machine is shipped in two pieces via freight and is easy to put together.  The lease rate is then $197/month going forward. You can watch this video to see how easy it is to snap the Mopit together once it arrives. Mopit Assembly Video

So how does Spectrum help you with your Mopit if you have a service issue? If something goes wrong with your Mopit, call Spectrum. Our phone number is right on the Mopit dashboard. We will troubleshoot over the phone. Usually we can fix the issue right over the phone, or by sending an easy-to-install part. We have a video library on YouTube and under the support tab on this website. These videos walk you through training, troubleshooting, and the replacement of almost every part on the machine. Our customer care team can also or email or text video links to help you with troubleshooting and part replacement. The Mopit easily and without tools splits into two halves. We can ship you replacement sections of the machine. The bottom line is this; we have designed the Mopit Mid to be very reliable and when or if it does break down it will be very easy to service and the parts will be free, the customer just pays the shipping on them. We have these machines all over the country and this service method has worked very well.

Our lease program also has a lease to buy option. We will apply up to ½ of the first year of accumulated lease payments toward the list price. If you purchase your Mopit within the first two months we will apply 100% of the first two months lease to the list price.


When checking out your cost will show $0.00.  Because the 1st months rate is different than the months following we don't have a way to handle the billing from our website on this lease option.  We will bill and charge you directly once we see that your lease agreement form has been filled out.  If you wish to begin a lease then there is no need to do a checkout on our website.  Complete the lease agreement and we will automatically be notified and we will process your order.  

Spectrum will not lease to contractors.

Spectrum will lease only to customers with approved credit.


This Machine is also for sale.  Click here to see the sale price.



The Mopit MAX is the largest and quietest Mopit ever!  Its unique design allows the MAX to optimize cleaning capacity without sacrificing maneuverability in tight areas.  The measurement from the front of the brush to the back tank of the MAX is less than 2 feet.  This is critical because it allows the machine to turn on a dime, creating great maneuverability in corners and hard to reach areas.  You can clean most hard floor types with the MAX and it will clean up to 35,000 square feet per charge.


Here are some features on the Mopit MAX


  • Simple to operate - Using the MAX is as simple as 4 steps:
    • Fill with water and cleaning solution,
    • Turn on switches and walk,
    • Drain the dirty water tank,
    • Charge the Mopit so that it's ready for next time.
  • Maneuverability - Because of it's compact size, the MAX can get right into corners to clean and still recover the water.  With a brush-assisted drive, it's effortless to push and easy to turn.   
  • Commercial Quality - With roto-molded tanks and a high-grade aluminum chassis, the MAX is designed to be the most reliable auto scrubber on the market. Backed by our user-friendly warranty, you can confidently clean for years to come.

Water Recovery System

  • Has the same reliable vacuum motor that we use in the previous Mopit machines.  
  • Comes with 1.5" recovery and drain hoses.  The same hose sizes that are used on most ride-on floor scrubbers.  These larger diameter hoses help prevent plugging as well as aid in debris cleanup.  
  • Easy to replace squeegee design.  

Battery / Charging System

  • Comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery that will give you about 1.75 hours of run time to clean up to 35,000 square feet on a single charge.
  • Longer Charger Life - The on-board battery charger is protected inside a pocket under the dash board.
  • A full recharge in less than 7 hours.  
  • Smart charger on-board makes it easy for you to plug in anywhere and you can plug it in at any time during the discharge cycle.  

Water Delivery / Brush System

  • The MAX comes standard with a durable, medium-duty brush.  Light-duty and heavy-duty brushes are available upon request. The cylindrical brush design reduces the need to pre-sweep floors as is common with disk and pad floor scrubbers. 
  • Solenoid Life - The MAX has a corrosion resistant solenoid.  This greatly extends the life of the solenoid.
  • Longer Brush Motor Life - The Mopit MAX uses the exhaust from the vacuum motor to keep the brush motor cool and extend its life.


  • On-board tool for easy maintenance.  The Mopit MAX comes with a tool attached to the switch plate on the back that has an Allen/Phillips screwdriver combination wrench.  This will help you repair/replace parts as needed.
  • Better Machine Layout - The MAX is similar in design to the mini and Mid.  Most of the mechanical components are on the bottom half of the machine.  This makes it easier for service.  If something goes wrong with your machine and you don't want to mess with it, we can send you a replacement bottom section on UPS and you'll be up and going with little effort.
  • Warranty: When leasing a Mopit all parts and labor costs are covered during the whole duration of that lease. 

  • Brush Size: 21" long, 4" Diameter
  • Fresh Water Tank: 9.0 gal
  • Recovery Tank: 12.5 gal
  • Solution Flow Rate: .231 Gallons per Minute
  • Brush Motor: 24 Volt, 1250 RPM
  • Vacuum Motor: 24 Volt, 2 stage, 44 inches of water lift
  • Squeegee Lift Pedal: Standard
  • Available for Lease: Yes
  • Turning Radius: 0 radius
  • Water Level Gauge: Yes
  • Adjustable Handlebar: Yes
  • Battery Charger: On-board 24 Volt, 7 Amp
  • Standard Battery Size: 50 AH Lithium Ion
  • Run Time Per Battery Charge: approx. 1.75 Hours (17,000 to 20,000) sq feet / hour


  • Height in storage position: 40.25 Inches
  • Height in operating position: 44 Inches
  • Width: 26.5 inches
  • Length: 23.5 inches
  • Weight: 131 lbs w/out Water
  • 1 case of 50 Mopit cleaning solution packets (1 oz per packet)
  • Owners/Service manual
  • 2 squeegee blade kits
  • Lifetime parts and labor warranty
  • 15-day money back guarantee