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“My name is Adam, and I just purchased a refurbished Mopit 4. I opened my restaurant in August of 2018 and have been wanting to get a machine for a while now. I was skeptical about the Mopit at first because most of the floor machines I looked at were several thousand dollars. But I though I'd give it a try. 

I'm a freak about mopping every day, changing mop water frequently and keeping my restaurant clean. 

The Mopit works great and I'm very happy so far. It's very easy to use, it glides smoothly across the floor and the zero turn is great. I'm glad the girls in the front will be able to use it with ease. 

Thank you!”

              -Adam (Restaurant Owner)

“I have been using a Tennant T1 Auto Scrubber and I can’t keep the machine running.  When it needs a part I have found that it isn’t worth fixing because the parts are so expensive.  I still use my mopit 1 Machine and it runs well and parts are very inexpensive. The Mopit is the only small floor scrubber we’ve found that can hold up to our rugged environment.”

              -Ted (Animal Day Care Facility)


“I am thrilled with the cleaning power of the Mopit 5!!  Thank you!”

            -Molly (A Home Owner that was trying to find a good way to clean black

tile in her home)

“I have owned all different brands of machines and they are all so complicated to work on.  I have worked on your machine taken it apart and it’s amazing how easy it is to repair. It is also very reliable.  I would love to be a salesman for you”

               -Mark (Cleaning Contractor

“I own 5 I-mop floor scrubbers.  After seeing how often they break down and how expensive they are to fix I was looking for another option.  I went into a gas station and saw your machine the Mopit. I looked like s**t, but was working beautifully. That’s why I called Mopit because I need a machine like the mopit that could take a beating but keep working perfectly.” 

                -JC (Cleaning contractor)

"Thank you so much for bringing us a new Mopit. I sure love the machine."
- C-store
"We love this machine. When I took over, the floors were black. I was at one of the other stores and she said hers didn't work good. Then I told her if it doesn't work good, then call Spectrum and they will fix it. You people are fabulous and come quickly and fix it. You get a thumbs up from us."
- Manager, C-store 
An employee, seeing that someone in the store had tried to fix the Mopit and had it in pieces, said, "I don't know why someone would try to fix it because you people are so good [to come and fix it]."
- C-store in Herriman
A manager was commenting that they have highly polished concrete floors. The contractor that put in the floor said not to use the Mopit because it would damage the floor. The manager said, "But they were wrong - it looks as good as new. In fact, it imparts a shine to the floor. At first we were just mopping because they said not to use the mopit, and the floor was getting duller and duller, and when we started using the Mopit, the floor was beautiful again. The Mopit works fantastic."
- C-store in Washington
An owner called and talked to Reed, our Service Manager. He wanted some parts for the Mopit and said he wanted them next day. Reed told him maybe we wouldn't want to send them next day because shipping would be $36.00. He said, "Yes, still do and I need the parts to fix my other Mopit as well because we need these machines to work. Mopping doesn't cut it."
- C-store in Chico, California
"Thanks for bringing the Mopit. I like it; it is really nice."
- Manager, Convenience Store
"When we first got [the Mopit] the people were all complaining but I told them they were not to use the mop and bucket, only the Mopit and now everyone would rather use the Mopit. We have been without it for 2 days, and it has been hard to go back to the mop."
- Diane, Common Cents
"We have to have the Mopit; we don't mop anymore. We use the heck out of it. I told one of my people, 'If I see you using the mop, I'll write your butt up.' Now the employee tells me, oh that Mopit is so great."
- Wendy, Common Cents
We asked Kathy, "Have you liked this floor?" "Yes, but only if we can clean it with the Mopit. At first some didn't like it, so one night I said, 'OK, just mop the whole floor with the mop', and after that, they really liked the Mopit."
- Mr. Gas #12 in Burley, Idaho (This is the biggest store in the chain, and they have highly polished concrete floors.)
"How does the machine work? I love that little machine."
- Employee, C-store in Idaho
"How is that machine working? I really like it - yesterday we had a store managers meeting and there were a lot of positive comments."
- Charro, Manager, C-store
"How much would a Mopit cost me for my house? Man, I love that thing. Thanks so much for fixing it."
- Staci, C-store
"I love this machine. It is awesome. We were without it for a day and my people were really bugging me to get it fixed. They don't like mopping anymore. The Mopit has spoiled them. We love the big water tank."
- Kelly, Gas station
"It works great - my night lady mopped, and it wasn't getting the floor clean, so we ran the Mopit over, and you wouldn't believe how dirty the water was that we drained out."
- Iowa 8 Truck Stop
"I love this machine. Our floor looks 10 times better than when we were mopping. I'm pretty tough; I insist that they use the Mopit and not a mop. If we have this machine, we need to use it."
- Kelly, Convenience Store
"I love that machine."
- Wendy, Convenience Store
"We love it; it is so much easier on the back than mopping and does a much better job than mopping."
- Nadine, Maverik
"We definitely like the Mopit."
- Laurie, Convenience store manager (She had 2 other standard type autoscrubbers already in her back room, and she just got rid of them.)
"We love the Mopit. You can see how much better our floors look. It works great. We usually leave it up front so we can clean up as people come in."

- Miniature Market 


Here at Chick-fil-A a clean floor is everything.  When someone walks into a store they want to see a clean restaurant and that’s the first thing they see... so having a clean floor is really important to us.  When we use the Mopit it helps us not only keep the guests safe but keeps them coming back for a long time.

              -Colbie, shift leader at a Chick-fil-A restaurant