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For lease customers, all Mopit supplies and parts are free of charge; however, lease customers are responsible to pay for the shipping and handling on them. The shipping charges will be invoiced to your account. To minimize shipping and handling charges, order six months of supplies (1 case of Mopit Floor Cleaner and 6 squeegee blades). The shipping and handling charges will be less than $50.00 to most locations.

Lease customers can now subscribe to automatic deliveries on select Mopit supplies such as chemicals and squeegees! A valid credit card is required for initial setup, and subscriptions can be edited or cancelled at any time. Please call 800-290-2833 for details.

If you own your Mopit machine, you can also use this same form and we will invoice your account for these supplies and the shipping cost.


IMPORTANT - Please note: All bottles have now been replaced by cases of single-use packets. Each case of Mopit Cleaner ordered on this page consists of 200 pouches, and each case of Mopit Deodorizer consists of 50 pouches.