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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Mopit and Mopit products:

  • What kind of chemical can be used with the Mopit?   ANSWER: Almost any type of cleaning chemical can be used with the Mopit floor scrubber.  Just stay away from putting bleach, and high foaming solution in the fresh solution tank. You can also use our Mopit chemical.  Click here to see the Mopit chemical.
  • What type of floors can the Mopit clean?  ANSWER:  The Mopit is designed to clean any type of hard flooring that is sealed.  It works well on ceramic tile, LVT(luxury vinyl tile), epoxy floors, painted floors, sealed concrete, hard/semi-hard rubber flooring, and even some laminate and sealed wood floors.  The Mopit brush is soft which prevents damage to your floor and the squeegee and vacuum leave your floor dry immediately after use.  
  • How good will the Mopit pickup sticky things from the floor? ANSWER: Unless the sticky substance has had time to dry on the floor the Mopit will usually clean up the mess in one pass.  If you have a super sticky food like honey it may take a couple of passes.  You can also double scrub with the Mopit since it has a squeegee lift pedal.  Watch these videos to find out more:
                Will it Mopit? Restaurant/Home Edition
                Will it Mopit? Pet Care Edition
                Will it Mopit? Auto repair/shop Edition
  • What is double scrubbing? ANSWER: Double scrubbing means that you lift the squeegee off the ground and keep the brush and solution on so that you can go over an area more than once while your chemical and water solution stay on the ground.  This is a good feature for those sticky or very dirty areas that need a little soak time.
  • How does the Mopit compare to the other competing brands?  ANSWER: The Mopit is a heavy duty industrial auto scrubber that is made to last.  When you work with the Mopit company you are going to get great personalized service.  We work hard to keep quality on parts and machines at the top and prices lower than other commercial floor scrubber.  
  • How do you clean under tables and around hard to reach areas? ANSWER: The Mopit Reach tool accessory is a great solution to this.  See the Mopit Reach Tool by clicking here.
  • Where do we ship to?  ANSWER: We currently only ship within the USA.  If we ship machines, parts and supplies to Alaska and Hawaii additional charges may apply.  
  • What Differences are there between Mopit Models? ANSWER: We currently only manufacture 3 different sizes of the Mopit -- the Mopit mini, Mid, and MAX. You can view the spec sheet comparison by clicking here. Each of these machines sizes also has a Mopit+ version with added features as shown here. The Mopit 5 and older series machines have older technologies and specs that can be found on the individual product pages.