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Our Purpose and Values

At Spectrum we believe in doing good by honoring God and elevating all within our reach. We strive to fulfill this purpose in our relationships with our employees, as well as our valued customers and vendors. As a company, our values are work & family balance, integrity, efficiency, competition in the marketplace, and debt freedom. 


Our Mission and Passion

Our mission is to provide products that solve problems and maximize value. With our passion to improve, innovate, and inspire, we have earned a reputation for quality that is second to none.


Our Story

Dave Thatcher graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business from Utah State University. Dave began his career selling industrial specialty products and chemicals. Over time he started selling floor machines for different manufacturers. Frustrated at losing his competitive edge as his suppliers raised their prices, he determined that the only way to keep prices low, and quality high, would be to manufacture his own equipment.

Dave founded Spectrum Industrial Products in 1982, in Logan, Utah. During the early years, Spectrum focused on manufacturing industrial propane floor buffers. Over the past couple of decades, the flooring industry has moved away from vinyl tile, decreasing the demand for floor buffers. To continue its competitive edge in manufacturing, Spectrum invented the Mopit. With the idea that everyone needs to mop, but no one likes to do it, the Mopit turns this dreaded task into an enjoyable one.

Dave’s competitive spirit and focus on the customer have helped develop and cultivate a customer-focused culture at Spectrum Industrial. As the company has grown we have maintained this competitive edge by dedicating our efforts to providing the best possible product, with the best technology, at the best price. 


The Mopit

The Mopit has been in production for approximately 20 years. The Mopit is on its 9th generation machine, from the Mopit 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4, 4.5, 5, mini, Mid, and the Mopit MAX

Spectrum both sells and leases Mopit machines. The Mopit month-to-month lease program has become a popular part of Spectrum’s business. The lease is inexpensive and includes cleaning solutions, parts, and service. The Mopit machine attracts and impresses our lease customers, and our customer service develops loyal and lasting relationships.


Our Facility

Our 40,000 sq ft of manufacturing space not only holds our production line but now includes our top-of-the-line plastics manufacturing and CNC metalworks. We also formulate and package our own line of soaps and chemicals.  

We supply floor care solutions to many major national retail chains, so we know what it takes to gain and keep customers. You can have confidence in any auto scrubber you purchase from us. The Mopit is built from the highest quality components, and all of our equipment is assembled in the United States by our trained technicians. Our in-house manufacturing and direct distribution eliminate the expensive middlemen so we can pass the savings on to you. Each machine is also backed by our unmatched customer service. 

Join Spectrum in making our world a cleaner place, one floor at a time!