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Spectrum Warehouse BuildingThe Mopit™ is manufactured by Spectrum Industrial Products, LLC in Logan, Utah. Spectrum has been manufacturing and selling floor maintenance equipment and floor scrubbers for 40 years, and has earned a reputation for quality that is second-to-none. During the early years, Spectrum focused on manufacturing industrial propane floor buffers. Over the past couple of decades the flooring industry has moved away from vinyl tile. This change away from vinyl tile decreased the demand for floor buffers. To continue it's competitive edge in manufacturing, Spectrum invented the Mopit. Everyone needs to mop, but no one likes to do it. The Mopit turns this dreaded task into an enjoyable one.

Spectrum both sells and leases Mopit machines. The Mopit month-to-month lease program has become a popular part of Spectrum’s business. The lease is inexpensive and it includes cleaning solution, parts, and service. The Mopit machine attracts and impresses our lease customers, and our customer service develops loyal relationships.

The Mopit has been in production for approximately 18 years now. The Mopit is now on it's 9th generation machine. The Mopit 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4, 4.5, 5, mini, Mid, and Mopit MAX.

We have supplied floor care solutions to major national retail chains, so we know what it takes to gain and keep customers. We also formulate related chemicals for our Mopit line of floor maintenance equipment.

You can have confidence in any auto scrubber you purchase from us. The Mopit is built from the highest quality components, and all of our equipment is assembled in the United States. Each machine is backed up by our unmatched customer service. 

Join Spectrum in making our world a cleaner place, one floor at a time.

To purchase a Mopit™ for your location, take advantage of free shipping by purchasing through our website, or call us directly at (800)-290-2833. We have operators standing by from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time and are happy to answer any questions about our latest innovative floor care products.

Meet Dave Thatcher

President and Founder of Spectrum Industrial Products Inc.

Dave grew up in Morgan, Utah. His childhood was full of, family, baseball and hard work. Baseball helped Dave  love competition and develop a love of winning. To earn spending money, Dave would go door to door selling everything from light bulbs to sewing needles. He played baseball while attending college and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business from Utah State University. Dave began his career selling industrial specialty chemicals.

Over time he started selling floor machines for different manufacturers. Frustrated at losing his competitive edge, as his suppliers raised their prices, he determined that the only way to keep prices low, and quality high, would be to manufacture his own equipment. He began building 17” propane buffers and then grew into building 20”, 24” and 27” units.

Over a decade, it became clear that the flooring industry was moving away from vinyl tile flooring, which requires buffing. Dave invented the Mopit floor scrubber to help solve another problem in the floor cleaning industry. The Mopit is a salesman’s dream. It is a unique product that is patented. Dave has complete control over quality and can keep the costs low, much lower than the competition.  

Dave’s competitive spirit and focus on the customer have helped develop and cultivate a good customer focused culture at Spectrum Industrial.