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The following Photos are of the Mopit 3.0

Mopit Machined Parts

The Mopit is built to last.

Our competitor’s floor scrubbers are built primarily of plastic.

The Mopit 2.0, 3.0, and 4, 4.5, and 5 have many individually machined parts, machined from high grade aluminum.

Annodized Parts

The most visible aluminum parts are anodized with the hardest black satin finish available.

CNC Lathe

We use computer-controlled mills and lathes to produce beautiful and durable machined parts for the Mopit. Quality is built into each component.

Mopit Belt

The Mopit brush is driven by a powerful motor, and an almost indestructible poly v-belt.

Mopit Tank

All Mopits are built with extra thick polyethylene rotationally molded tanks.

Mopit Clean Out

The Mopit 2.0, 3.0, and Mopit 4, 4.5, and 5 have a 3” recovery tank cleanout. This makes cleaning out of the recovery tank a breeze.

Mopit Fasteners

The Mopit is built with tough fasteners, made primarily from stainless steel.

Mopit Assembly station

Mopit assembly station #2

The Mopit is built in the USA!

The Mopit has been engineered to be easy and inexpensive to operate, maintain, and repair.

Our competition puts expensive circuit boards and electronics into their machines. This means if something goes wrong you may need a technician to diagnose the problem. After you pay for a technician to diagnose the problem then you get to pay for an expensive repair. Not only will competitor machines cost more to repair, but simple maintenance items like squeegee blades will cost you a small fortune.

Through experience we have learned that the cleaning industry wants a machine that is simple and inexpensive to operate, maintain, and repair. The Mopit has advanced technology to help you clean and dry your floors and is an easy to use machine. Diagnosis is simple and can usually be done on your own or with a phone call to Spectrum. If something goes wrong with your Mopit, don’t worry, chances are the average convenient store employee will be able to complete the repair. On-going maintenance is inexpensive, for example a Mopit squeegee blade kit costs $15.00. A ½ gallon of Mopit cleaning solution which will fill your Mopit machine 64 times only costs $15.00.