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All of us on the Mopit team are very grateful for the opportunity to do business with KFC. We love helping our customers solve their floor cleaning challenges, and the Mopit is a powerful tool to help you keep your floors clean. We know that you have many options when it comes to floor scrubbers but we are confident that you will be happy if you choose to go with the Mopit. With the Mopit and the Scrub N Vac Cleaning accessory you will be able to clean all areas of your restaurant including the kitchen and restrooms.

  1. The Mopit 4.5, 4, and the Mopit 3 are all available and the Mopit 5 is coming 3rd Quarter 2018 likely July.
  2. Mopit 4.5 MSRP $2899, KFC price $2699 w/free shipping. Refurbished machine prices are listed on our website:  www.mopit.com
  3. Our Mopit lease program has been very popular with restaurant chains. Read the Mopit 4.5 lease terms below to see why.
    • The Mopit lease term is month-to-month, so while we will work to become one of your long term business partners, you will never be locked into a long-term contract with us. If you decide to cancel your lease you just pay the return shipping on the Mopit and once the Mopit is received by Spectrum your lease will be terminated.
    • The Mopit lease includes unlimited cleaning solution, squeegee blades and Mopit parts, you just pay the shipping and handling on parts and supplies. Shipping and handling on 6 months of cleaning solution and squeegee blades is less than $50 to most locations. For new KFC lease customers we ship the Mopit with a 6 month supply of soap and squeegees with no additional shipping costs. You are welcome to use your soap products in the Mopit however most operators choose to use the cleaning solution that is included in the lease, as it saves them a lot of money.
    • The first month’s lease payment is $417 + the shipping to get the machine to you. After the first month the lease rate is $117/month. 
    • If you have a problem with your Mopit you contact us by calling our 800 number on the dashboard of the machine or through our website or email. 80% of the time we can solve the problem over the phone by sending you an easy to install part with instructions. We have designed the machine to easily split into three sections that are UPS able. So if a difficult repair is needed we just UPS you a replacement Mopit section. We always have replacement parts and machines in stock so they almost always ship the same day. You can choose any shipping speed from normal ground to next day delivery; you just pay the shipping charges. Lease customers are also free to request a complete replacement machine any time they want; they just pay the shipping costs for the exchange. We also have a Mopit YouTube channel with over 45 videos to train your employees and to show you how to maintain and service the Mopit.  We have telephone support 24/6, every day but Sunday.
    • We have two lease buyout options. 1. If you decide to purchase the machine within the first two months of your lease then we will apply 100% of your first two lease payments to your purchase price. 2. We will apply up to half of one year’s accumulated lease payments to the purchase price of the machine.
  4. To lease the Mopit 4.5 simply click this link to complete the e-doc lease agreement: Mopit Lease Agreement
  5. Warranty: New machines have a 1 year parts and labor warranty on everything but squeegees, hoses, and brushes. Refurbished machines have a 90 day warranty. Leased machines are perpetually under warranty as all parts and supplies are included in the price of the lease, the customer just pays for shipping and handling on parts and supplies.
  6. Here is a picture of the Mopit 4.5 and the demo video below so that you can see the Mopit 4.5 in action!
  7. We don’t have a national service network. When you need service we handle it as outlined in section 4D
  8. Training Video/Maintenance Videos
  9. Unless you are in northern Utah we don’t provide demos. To make up for our inability to provide demos to most of our customers we offer the following:
    • 15 day money back trial. Use the Mopit for up to 15 days. If you are not satisfied with its performance simply let us know and ship the machine back to us. We will refund your full purchase price or your first month’s lease payment.
    • Our company name is Spectrum Industrial Products LLC (The Mopit Company)
    • Contact Information: Telephone 1-800-290-2833, Email mopit@mopit.com, Fax 1-435-753-1864, Website www.mopit.com, Address 868 West 400 North Logan, UT 84321

Mopit 5

Here is some more information on the Mopit 5 that will be available 3rd Quarter this year, likely July! Our primary goal with the Mopit 5 is to dramatically improve reliability while at the same time improving performance and decreasing the costs of ownership and the shipping costs within the lease program. We have tackled our goal from two different directions. 1. The Mopit 5 has been completely re-designed to ensure that breakdowns will happen far less frequently. 2. When maintenance and repairs are needed they will be far simpler and less expensive to make, and in most cases no tools will be required. More than 50 improvements have been made over the Mopit 4.5. Here are the most notable ones.

Water Recovery System

    • Quieter - The vacuum motor is the noisiest part of the machine. We have tucked the vacuum motor down on the chassis plate surrounded by the noise dampening plastic tanks, and as far away as possible from the user’s ears.
    • Better Squeegee Performance -The squeegee bar has been completely re-designed to allow for tool -less squeegee replacement, and uses tan gum rubber blades which leave the floor dry and without a film.
    • Longer Vacuum Life -The recovery tank pressurization port has been relocated and the recovery tank is taller to ensure that no water or foam ever makes it into the vacuum motor.
    • Easier to Drain -The drain port is 3 inches higher making it easier to drain into janitor sinks. The floor of the dirty water tank has a large, sloped sump, which reduces dirty water tank odor by ensuring a complete drain every time. The Mopit 5 will use the new more reliable stretch drain hose
    • Reduced Vacuum Filter Cleaning – The Mopit 5 vacuum filter has 75% more surface area and it has been strategically placed up high in the tank to avoid filter clogging debris


    Battery / Charging System

    • Longer Battery Life -After years of testing lithium batteries we have finally found one that we feel is outstanding. This exceptional battery costs 75% less than the lithium battery used by Tennant and its superior quality will provide years of service. This lithium batteries life span is 160% longer than traditional gel lead acid batteries
    • Lighter -The lithium battery makes the Mopit 5 thirty pounds lighter than the Mopit 4.5
    • Longer Charger Life -The on-board battery charger is protected inside a pocket under the dash board


    Water Delivery /Brush System

    • Better Cleaning Performance -The Mopit 5 brush is stiffer and has more bristles for deeper cleaning
    • Longer Solenoid Life -Corrosion is the number one reason for solenoid failure. The solenoid on the Mopit 5 solves this problem as it is waterproof. It also has tool-less water line removal and diaphragm replacement
    • Longer Brush Motor Life -The Mopit 5 uses the exhaust from the vacuum motor to keep the brush motor cool and extend its life
    • Larger Tanks -The Mopit 5 is the same size as the 4.5 however it has a ¼ gallon greater fresh water capacity and 1.5 gallon larger recovery tank. This larger recovery tank is especially valuable when used with the Scrub N Vac Cleaning Accessory and other vacuum accessories that will be launched in the future.



    • Better Training -Along with our website and YouTube channel which are loaded with training videos, the Mopit 5 will also have training and maintenance instructions on its back panel
    • Tool-less Maintenance -The brush, squeegee blade & squeegee wheels, battery, battery charger, belt cover, fresh water filter & handle bar position can all be serviced without using tools
    • Better Machine Layout -All of the mechanical parts of the Mopit 5 are located in the bottom section. To separate the top and bottom sections of the Mopit 5, simply lift up the 2 latches on the side and the one latch in the back and lift the top section off. With the top removed all of the mechanical Mopit parts are exposed for easy service
    • Less Expensive Replacement - Because all of the working parts of the Mopit are in the bottom section (except the charger and switches), we can easily and inexpensively UPS a bottom section to our customers and they will effectively have a brand new machine. Lease customers would only be responsible for the shipping charges and Non-lease customers would only be responsible for the shipping charges + the bad parts on their old bottom section and the labor to replace them
    • Best Warranty  -We have a 1 year parts and labor warranty that covers everything except the brush,  squeegee blades and shipping. Our warranty doesn’t just cover manufacturer defects it also covers user error. Yes you read that correctly, even if your employee breaks the Mopit by doing something foolish, your machine is covered! For lease customers, the Mopit 5 is under perpetual warranty and all parts, soap, and supplies are included at no charge, the lessee just pays the shipping and handling on them
    Mopit 5 Picture