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Mopit mini Urethane Squeegee Blade Wiper Kit

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In order for the Mopit to continue to pickup the water well off of the floor, the squeegee rubber needs to be in good condition.  Over time because of friction the squeegee will wear.  Once a new squeegee wiper blade is installed you will see a big improvement in how dry your floor is after cleaning.  A squeegee blade should last about 1 month with daily use. Urethane blades are best used in areas where chemicals and oils are present.  Urethane blades have great durability but from the start they won't leave your floor as dry as Prematek.  


1 Mopit mini Urethane squeegee blade

QR code printed on the bag for easy installation reference.

Replacement white squeegee wheels sold separately.  We recommend that the two white wheels be replaced every 6 months to a year.  You can purchase those wheels by clicking here.

For easy installation instructions please refer to this video: